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By Car

Rīga-Liepāja: Highway A9, distance 220 km.
Klaipeda-Liepāja: Highway A11, distance100 km.

Liepaja is easily accessible. It is located 220 km (136 mi) west from Riga, 100 km (62 mi) north from Klaipeda, a city in Lithuania, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. You can get to Liepaja by plane, train or bus from Riga, and by bus from Klaipeda or Palanga. Normally a bus ride from Riga to Liepaja takes about 3hours 30minutes, and a bit less than 2 hours from Klaipeda. You can get to Liepaja by your own car from Riga even faster than by public transport.

By Train

From Rīga Railway Station: Fri 18:25 Rīga-Liepāja.
From Liepāja Railway Station: Sun 17.30 Liepāja-Rīga.
Check the timetables before departure
Train tickets can not be purchased more than 10 days in advance of travelling day

Comfort class

  • A comfort class wagon has 16 numerated seats. When purchasing a ticket, the passenger can choose a seat he/she likes from the available seats.
  • More convenient tables.
  • Free Wi-Fi is ensured in the wagon.
  • Electricity socket (220V)
  • Magazines and informative materials for more interesting trip. Read and leave for other passengers!
  • If you get cold, ask the guard for a rug! After the trip please leave the rug on your seat and give it back to the guard!
  • Hanger for outdoor clothes.
  • Stand for the baggage.
  • It’s possible to buy a tea, coffee or mineral water and juice.

Additional fee for the trip in the comfort class wagon EUR 1.40.

Travelling with the bike gets more and more popular with every year and undeniably train is the type of public transport where it is quite conveniently to carry bikes! 
  • Railway wagons that are fitted with bike holders are marked with a label at the doors.
  • A baggage ticket must be purchased to carry the bikes.
  • In case there are no bike holders in the wagon, the bikes are placed in the salon between the seats, it is specified by the conductor – controller.
  • In one wagon it is allowed to carry bikes according to the number of bike holders, if there are no bike holders, then – not more than 5 bikes.
  • When travelling with a bike, it is important to plan the time and arrive timely to the train to lift the bike in the train and place it in the designated place not causing a delay.

If you are a group of cyclists (more than 15 people), please register 48 hours in advance by calling 67232135 so that we can agree on the possibility to get in the required station!


By Bus

From/to Rīga Bus Terminal and Rīga Airport.
Rīga – Liepāja 3-3,5 h, 220 km.

Liepāja bus company offers you the possibility to get from Liepāja to the airport “Rīga” and also in the opposite direction from the airport “Rīga” to Liepāja without entering the centre of Rīga by using the bus route Rīga-Liepāja-Rīga.

To get from the airport “Rīga” to Liepāja, on the day of travel reserve your seat in the bus by phone +371 634 22754 or +371 26 393 694. To get from Liepāja to the airport “Rīga”, purchase in addition to the bus ticket a voucher for 1,42 EUR at the bus driver.
Liepāja bus company offers to use Wi-Fi free of charge in the route Rīga-Liepāja-Rīga.
Tickets on-line –,

From/to Klaipeda and Palanga

Klaipēda – Liepāja 1,5-2 h, 100 km.
Palanga – Liepāja 1 h, 70 km.

By Ferry

From/To Travemünde (Germany), 20-24h.
From/To Nynäshamn (Sweden), 12h.
Liepāja Ferry Terminal,

By Plane

Liepāja International Airport
Charter flights
Lidostas iela 8, Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads
+371 63407592,

AirBaltic flights from Riga to Liepaja for 15 euros

Rīga International Airport (220 km to Liepāja).
Flights from/to 83 destinations.

Palanga International Airport (70 km from Liepāja).
Flights from/to: Copenhagen, Oslo, Riga, Moscow.



Republikas 27, Liepaja, Latvia

Ph: +371 28690106